If you can’t handle quarantine, you can’t handle retirement


The recent Covid 19 pandemic, despite all it’s bad, did successfully manage to shed light onto alot of us, such as showing us the need and importance of having a rainy day fund when shit does indeed hit the fan. And for those of you in countries like mine where we are forced to be locked down at home, it has also managed to shed some light onto what retirement life is like when you can’t head out to work or do anything you love.

See when we talk about starting a business or entrepreneurship, most people think that it’s all about trying to get rich and successful. But if thats the case, why do even high ranking executives in Multi million corporations leave the comfort of their high paying jobs to venture out on their own?

In my own opinion, one of the most underrated reason to venture into entrepreneurship that most people don’t talk about is the amazing feeling of having a money making hobby that you never want to retire from.

How many times have we heard of friends and family who work and look forward to retirement all their life only to feel bored 2 mths in. Thats because the idea of retirement that most people have, stems from the fact that they hate their job so much, they look forward to retirement so they can finally not have to go to work anymore. The problem isn’t that they want to retire, but they dont want to be coming to work.

See, the idea most don’t realise, is not to create a void, but to create something that you would always enjoy doing (while hopefully being able to pay your bills with it). Money is and should always be secondary.

The opposite of hating your job is NOT not doing anything; the opposite of hating your job should be finding something you love to do. As the old saying goes, what would you do today if money wasn’t a primary concern; if you are able to create something you truly love doing, you would never want to retire.

While you still can today, take the time you have to create your side hustle, start a business and be an entrepreneur to do something you love to do for life.

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