Why following Millionaires’ Routine is a lie

We have seen so many articles and instagram post’s on Billionaire and Millionaire’s daily routine, or that occasional posts that tell you which millionaire or world leader wakes up at what time.

Most of the rest of us buy into such articles, probably thinking that if we could just follow the routine of millionaires, we too could someday be just like them.

Apple CEO, Time Cook wakes up before 4am in the morning. Dwayne The Rock Johnson famously wakes up at 4am everyday to get a work out in before his day starts. Warren Buffet wakes up before 7am. Elon Musk starts his day at 7. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg wakes up at 8am and Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, ensures he gets sufficient sleep everyday and wakes up between 7 to 8am, and the list goes on.

We buy into this idea that successful entrepreneurs all have to wake up early yet we fail to realise that these are only the tip of the iceberg.

How many other millionaire and political leaders out there that are not in the list that prefers to wake up in the afternoon or start their days slightly later? Are we just reading what we want to read as a form of confirmation basis when we want to believe that millionaires all wake up early?

Well, we dont have to. Purely because waking up early is not a sign of hard work or grind. I know of so many business owners, myself included, who prefers to wake late into the night and wake up later if we need to.

Find a schedule that works for you and stick to it. What truly makes a business successful is the amount of effort you put into driving it, not merely based off what time you wake up.

There were times I woke up at 11am, but only slept at 6am that morning because I was rushing for a launch. Some people work better in the day, others at night. I would however, recommend you to have a fixed schedule instead of varying your sleeping time everyday. This is to aid your brain in accustoming itself to be the time it should be functioning. It is for the same reason that World Class International athletes head to the country they are competing in weeks before their actual race and always spend their days in the country training at the same hours as their eventual race time; to accustom and acclimatise their body and brain to the routine. If you are always switching up your routine, your body/brain would constantly have to re-climatise and prevent peak performance.

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