Why getting your first client is always the hardest in business?

Every new modern day entrepreneur has been there; you have this terrific idea that you are 200% sure that it would work, you scour for everything you need – from suppliers to getting a website to prepping for your digital marketing to photography etc. You finally get everything ready for your big launch and then… nothing.

No sales, no inquiries, no one as excited as you to buy your product. Then you start to wonder why? Is it you? Is the idea not good enough? Where did you go wrong?

For most, it’s right about here that they start giving up; but you shouldn’t.

Think about your business as you would an investment or savings. Saving up for your first $10k or $100k is always going to be the hardest because every dollar that you have to save comes directly from YOU. YOU have to work on spending lesser somewhere else, so YOU would have enough to save up for your little pot of gold.

But the good news is that it will only get easier as you go along. As you save up to that $10k or $100k mark that you are aiming for, you realise that things start to get alittle bit easier. Because now the money you put in doesn’t just only come from you. With your $10k or $100k, your account would start to gain interest from the bank that would help you to save. So instead of having to save $100, you now only need to save $80 a month because the bank pays you $20/mth for the amount you already have.

Take that same theory and apply it to business. The first customer is always going to be the hardest because every customer that you get comes through your blood, sweat and tears. You have to go out and work on pulling customers in, run roadshows, do advertisements, cold call etc to get your first customer.

But once you get your first 10 customers or your first 100 customers, it will start getting easier as you now have things like referral via word of mouth. Now of the 10 customers you have, 1 of them would recommend 1 friend to you and another would be a repeat purchase customer, so instead of having to source for 5 new clients every month, you now only need to source for 3.

And thats why business and entrepreneurship does get easier over time. So dont let the difficulty of getting your first customer stop you. Beat the odds and keep grinding, I promise that it’ll only get easier over time.

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