Your sense of security is holding you back from a greater income

So many of us go through life only to reach the age of 70 before we share stories about this great idea we had when we were younger and how you wish you left your job and pursued the entrepreneur dream. So why didnt we? Why didnt we just leave our job tomorrow and venture out? You may have a few reasons to that questions but chances are that if you dug down deep enough, the underlying reason for that is going to be because of your sense of security.

We don’t leave our jobs because jobs, as it’s supposed to be, gives us the sense of financial security that we crave as humans. We want to know how much we are getting at the end of every month no matter what happens. And i used the words “sense of security” because it’s just what you feel and that security may not even be true. Your boss can decide to downsize the company, the company could go bust, you could be oust by someone younger or better, and plenty of other reasons.

How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams – Up in the air

A memorable quote by George Clooney in the film, Up in the air. The problem with feeling secure is that it makes most of us humans lose our sense of hunger and drive. The desire to crave for more and better.

This phenomenon is most apparent with educated mid level executives who are skilled enough to climb the ranks, so the company pays them just enough to stop these skilled labour from leaving.

The $3,000 to $6,000 that the company gives you something to fear losing if you left the company, and it’s above the average market rate that have you go about thinking that “hey, maybe I should be happy at where I am and I can live with $6,000 for the rest of my life.”

But what if you are worth so much more, what if instead of 6,000 , your capabilities allow you to earn $10,000 or $20,000 or more every single month if you had came out to start something on your own.

“i didn’t go to harvard but the guys that work for me did” – Elon Musk

Not aiming to stereotype, but it’s also the reason why plenty of A students end up working for C students after they graduate from school. A students with their certified degree know that they can get a high paying job with their intellect. C students are not guaranteed that same comfort or security, thats why they have had to work harder, start things from the ground up and try everything they could to make things work. Some of my most successful singapore entrepreneur friends today are the gangsters from school without any degree and couldn’t have gotten themselves a decent paying job even if they tried.

The theory I go on is that if you look at some of the foreign workers that are working in our city, they work 20 hours a day doing hard labour, building roads and cities and would often even do more if they could, whilst compared to our locals who work 8 hours a day and complain being tired at the end of it. I always wondered if you had that same drive and willingness to work 20 hours a day at making whatever it is you want work. How successful would you be today?

The problem with a decent salary is with the statement of “I don’t have to.” I’m already earning $5,000/mth, I don’t have to work more after work ends. I dont have to struggle with a side hustle, I dont have to go on my days with the lack of sleep, I don’t have to face all these constant hardwork and rejections because at the end of the day, I’m still going to be paid that same $5,000/mth.

Well, dont. Don’t be satisfied with what you have and always aim and strive for more.

We need to embrace the concept of Impermanence. The idea that things are here only for a limited amount of time (“YOLO” as the kids call it). Impermanence allows us to understand that whatever you have today will very easily be gone tomorrow. To ensure that we are ready, we need to stay hungry, we need to constantly aim for higher, aim for improvement, aim to be better than who we are today.

Today, as you read this article, I implore you to lose your sense of security, to constantly be hungry and to believe in yourself that you are worth more than a number your company gives to you.

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