The problem with today’s society is that we overvalue hardwork and undervalue consistency

Ask anyone about starting a business and they’ll tell you all about the grind. “You’ll need to work very hard to be an entrepreneur, you would have to work 20 hours a day and you got to grind hard like no one else would. ” And how can we not buy into that statement when even world famous business leaders like Elon Musk publicly declares that he works 120 hour weeks, and famous celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who is known for sleeping very little hours a day.

To many extent, hard work IS the root of success. It doesn’t guarantee it, but it sure has hell increases your odds of success, and as business owner myself, I would take every percentage I can get in increasing my odds of my success.

But what’s troubling is the lack of attention to another key element in that equation – Consistency.

How many times have we heard someone (or seen them on their social media) ranting about how he/she slept only 3 hours yesterday because they were working late the night before. The same person then posts another Instagram story partying with his/her friends at the bar a few days later.

One of the reasons I’m personally into fitness is because it embodies the meaning of both hardwork and consistency. There’s just no point in working out 3 hours a day at the gym and then going home to rest for 2 months. It just doesn’t work that way.

Personally, I like to live by the “1% better everyday” theory. Instead of heading to the gym 3 hours every 2 months, I much rather head to the gym for just 45mins but do it consecutively day in and day out.

The idea here is not to just be hard working, but to create a lifestyle that not just fits into your daily needs, but is also sustainable in the long run. And things like 2 hours daily sleep is just not sustainable. This will not only impact your health and wealth, but also your relationship with your loved ones.

Instead of doing trying to finish everything in one night. Have a plan at the start of the week and break down your chunk of work into digestible mini goals to achieve throughout the week.

Another important reason we should emphasis more on consistency than hard work is because the end goal of hard work is results. Once you have results, most would start to taper off because they “no longer have to”. Consistency on the other end however, has no end.

Consistency is a lifestyle and hard work drives you to a goal.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur and decide to just be a salaryman, the same theory applies. Hirers value a staff that consistently solve problems, rather than one who just handles one project a year.

Combine the lifestyle with the drive towards your goal. Learn to embrace the 1% everyday mission and you would be twice as good as you were in just 100 days.

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